Recently, I have received some questions and comments from people
who found this site and do not understand what I, and others, do in
this area. While it is not for everyone, there are many bright, well
educated, and highly successful people that find spanking to be
therapeutic in a variety of ways.  In fact, the common denominators
are; well educated, well traveled, well read, well spoken and
successful in their lives. In a life coach capacity spanking can be used
for accountability, and motivation as well. People are often drawn to
spanking because there is something within themselves that they are
trying to heal and spanking is the modality that helps them most
directly access difficult or blocked emotions.
Spanking can be used to
relieve guilt long carried.
All spankings are client directed and of
their own volition. No one is forced to do anything.  If you still have
questions, I invite you to email me, or Goggle, Therapeutic Spanking.
I'd also ask that you withhold judgment. If you insist on dismissing it
as a kink, then you have to admit it's pretty mild on that spectrum.