The Joy Of Fantasy
No matter how pleasant and fulfilling one's daily life is, sometimes we all need to
release our inner thoughts, feelings, or even stress and aggravation. The more
stressful our roles are, the further it is from our own deepest impulses, and the
more we need an escape from the limitations of everyday life. Some people use
alcohol, drugs, or gambling to transcend their ordinary lives, but these activities
generally prove both destructive and unsatisfying. The escape provided by a rich
fantasy life, however, can be constructive and extraordinarily fulfilling. Instead of
destroying true intimacy, a shared fantasy increases it. Instead of stifling the
needs of our true selves, fantasy allows us to express and realize our true needs.
A New and Powerless Self
What pleasure can a grownup find in the role of a submissive
baby, a role that many people might see as embarrassing or
demeaning? Can it be that s/he has an inner need, a secret self that s/he cannot
acknowledge or express in her/his ordinary life?

Our boys are taught that “boys don’t cry,” wear frilly clothes, or be passive. Do
they feel constantly pressured to be strong, silent, or a “macho man”? Maybe a
boy needs to play the role of a diapered baby or little schoolboy, or wear taboo
clothing so that he can express emotions that are normally forbidden to him.
Given society's constant demands on men to be masculine, to take charge,
succeed, and do instead of be; it is no wonder that even the strongest, brightest,
and most successful male may seek contact with his hidden softer self in his
relationship to a "mommy's" firm, but kindly rule.

In this day and age, girls are pushed as hard as boys, and taught that to succeed
in a "man's world," she will have to be twice a good as a man.  This leads to a
lot of pressure and the role of a pampered princess may have long been a
dream, unexpressed in her reality.

The pleasures of the adult baby are the polar opposites of (and therefore closely
akin to) the pleasures of the "Mommy." It is a truism that all polarities express
the opposite ends of a single principle or idea. Like yin and yang, darkness and
light, fear and security, a baby male and mommy need one another to be
The Freedom to Feel
Many people find Mommy and Baby fantasies liberating in that they give real
permission to let go and enjoy acts, clothes, or sensations that are otherwise
hidden, taboo, or discouraged. Moreover, even a naughty baby need feel no
guilt for enjoying these things; not only does his/her strict or gentle mommy put
him/her (or force him) into those ruffled panties or that demeaning position, she
also "punishes" him/her for his transgressions. The scenario of misbehavior,
punishment, and forgiveness is a classic Aristotelian plot that offers both actors
emotional catharsis.

Many “babies” resolve other tensions in their lives. Some males, for instance,
cannot cry except in the context of their fantasy life. Others need to express
other taboo emotions: fear, anger, rebellion, contrition, submissiveness or
helplessness. After a forbidden outburst, his Mommy can punish him and then
offer forgiveness and consolation.

Adult babies, especially those in positions of extraordinary responsibility, often
seek respite from the stress of having to constantly make decisions. It's a relief
to be told precisely what to do and how to do it, and to have the penalties for
mistakes so clear-cut and immediate. A session of disciplining a school age boy
who wets his pants, for example, may be painful, but it is also sure to have a
happy ending. Real life is never so well choreographed or so satisfying to play
with. I love to cuddle, play, and feed my sweet ones, and don't mind a bit
changing wet diapers, complete with lotion and powder.
Thanks to Diaper Pail Friends for such a wonderful explanation of Baby Role Play. Slight
modifications were made to make it gender neutral.
Regardless of what sort of babysitter you are looking for, I promise a special
nurturing time with each and every baby. Please know that Auntie Rhi
understands your need for privacy, and will never discuss you or your visit with
anyone else. Unless you want others involved in your visit, it will be just you and
Auntie.  It's important to me that you feel comfortable, as well as having a sense
of security.  Regardless of what sort of babysitter you are looking for, I promise
a special very meaningful and special time with each and every baby. However,
Auntie can also be strict and firm, if nurturing is what you really need.  I have
references available upon request.  

I should state clearly that what we are discussing here is NOT sexually oriented
at all, but simply a form of non-sexual private theater between two consenting
adults. Also, where as, I use the terms, "boy,” “girl,” and, “baby"; Auntie Rhi
will only babysit babies that are over 18 in real-life years. I need to restate that
this is not a sexual service, and any request for such will end the session
immediately, and I will ask you to leave.

Visits with your Auntie Rhi are set up by appointment only, and I generally need
about a week’s notice. However, if you find at the last minute that you will be in
the area, you can certainly let me know and I can check my schedule.

We can discuss your preferences, but generally, bring your favorite outfits and
diapers and I'll be happy to do the changing. We can have a bottle, a snack,
some cartoons, cuddles on the couch, reading stories, coloring, playing with
blocks or toys or even a nap with a baby quilt, a big stuffed bear or lamb, or all
three .

It's possible to add a visit to the park or even a play date, depending on

If you feel you need a caring mommy/babysitter, with or without discipline, and
are interested in knowing more, click on the “Compensation” link.