Everyone has their favorites, to be spanked by and to spank with. Over the years I've collected and
been gifted with some wonderful and diverse implements.
Hair Brushes and Bath Brushes,  favorites among Spankers >>>
The Hair Brush is an iconic image of domestic discipline.  The dark brush
is over 50 years old and the back side is much more worn than the bristle
side. I feel sure it's provided years of faithful service. :-)
Light weight paddles. The Princesses and Winnie the Pooh  paddles >>
are amazingly stingy. The red one is a double wooden elastic ball paddle.
The Black Walnut next to the red paddle was hand made by one of "my
boys"and the one on the far end is Purpleheart wood and was also hand
<<<<Domestic Implements. The two
on the far left are antique butter
shappers and work very well.
Handcrafted, gifted implements. >>>  
I love hand made implements, they  
are all the more special for the loving
care that goes into them.
<<<<Medium Weight
Paddles. All gifted.
<<<Lexan  I bought the small, purse
sized one and the larger one was gifted.
School Paddles>>>.
Many gifted. The first tawse is from Paisley
Scotland, it was a gift and the razor strap in
the far end is antique.
<<< My friend Ms. Betty's
"quiet spankers". That
pertains to the actual noise
of the contact, it does not
mean the sound of the
reaction.. lol. The two grey
ones were made by a boy
of hers and gifted to me.
The first is leather that feels like
a very heavy wood paddle and
the dark one is wood that feels
like a stone. Both gifted.
The is an Amish
Horse scraper.
Notice the perfect
curve.. This was  
gifted to me.

New Implements I brought back
from the Shadowlane Party in Las

<<< Hand made by my friend and
new spanking movie star...

Gifted from Miss Chris for taking
part in the Bad Boy Breakfast.       

<<<<  The Red Meanie, made and
gifted by Cody and Nisha in
Colorado. Quite the attention
You have to love Ebay.. I just saw
this and I was the only bidder...
can't imagine.. Not I can truly say
spanking Rings my may
not be entirely practical but so
much fun.....
Had a request to post some of my slipper
pics.. always handy to attend to a naughty
New Slippers...>>>>
Gift from a naughty
Birthday Presents from a naughty niece. What
fun!!! The Red is both sides. The brush is from
Spank n Cane and is actually weighted for
spanking... and Godiva chocolate.. a girl after
my own heart.. However, buttering up her
Auntie didn't save her bottom... lol
Birthday Presents from
a very naughty boy's
mother,to handle his
Happy Birthday from me to me... or you... lol. The
bottom left is for a hand spanking. (worthless
imo)The middle an otk leather strap then a new sort
of rubber slapper.. stings!!! Above some new
medium weight canes...
My Wonderful new Purple
Heart Wood Paddle!!!! Thank
you so much, Ken. He and his
wife are in a DD relationship,
you can read their blog here.
<<4 Beautiful New
Paddles, Gfted by a
Behavior Plan Client.
Quite the attention
A sweet hairbrush
gifted from a client in
a Behavior Plan
<<<Two new slappers
cousins to the Red
Meanie and sent to
me by Cody in
Colorado. They're
Three new Caniac
paddles gifted from a
NO bad boy...VVV
<<<A new paddle from
a naughty nephew...
Oh my!!!
RIP my good heavy
spoon paddle..shame
on you Remo!