Several friends  and a client or two, have written stories, and when I
suggested I might put them on the site, I have had a lot of positive
Thanks to all contributors!!
Reporting for Discipline
by W.W

William reports to a Woman of Authority with whom he has
shared his deepest fantasies online.  She knows precisely
how to cure him of his nasty habits!
by Mr. Nasty

Making a mess in his wife's kitchen gets him a lesson he
won't soon forget.
Wham Bam Thank You Pam
by A.H.

A Smart Mouth and a Hot Bottom just go together!

Under charge
by W.W.

who is charged with his upbringing.  She quickly
discovers his propensity for disobedience, lying and
masturbation.  She is determined to utilize corporal
punishment to correct his abhorrent William's wealthy
parents put him under the care of a Governess behavior.  
What follows is hand strapping, mouth soaping, paddling
and caning; along with line writing and corner time.
William's cries fall on deaf ears.  The maid, however, has
some sympathy for him.
Glenmont Academy
by Tim

A naughty boy and girl are disciplined by the Associate
Dean of Students for unacceptable conduct, in Chapel of all
Glenmont Academy 2
Photoshopped and a Firey Fanny
by Tim

A young boy uses Photoshop to bully a young girl...
Glenmont Academy Graduation
by Tim

Two exceptional students, get the traditional " Graduation
Spanking" as well as swats to raise money for a local Animal