I'll contribute!!! lol

Naughty nephews every where
But on my lap there's room to spare.
Nothing like a rose red bum
To motive and get things done.
Swatting swiftly with my hand
making sure  you understand,
paddles, switches, straps and more
will change behavior I deplore.
So get your bottom over here,
I won't mind if you shed a tear.
Discipline delivered as  it should,
you know it's for your own good.
Afterward the slate's wiped clean,
lotion makes your bottom gleam.
Give me a hug and you're on your way
Your Auntie Rhi knows you will behave.
Simon wrote: According to my local radio,
there is a bad poetry day. It  is a shocking
over site that I was not notified in person
but there you go. Here is a small
contribution to mark this great day.

Roses are red and your bum will be too,
Once Auntie Rhi has caught up with you!
In the yahoo group, Aunties Spank Naughty Men,  which no longer
, Simon, a friend from across the pond, pointed out that August
18th is International Bad Poetry Day, and submitted a poem.  Here, for
your amusement, I've posted those contributions, as well as others that
have come in since. It you have a contribution, email it to me and I'll
post it here as well. It doesn't even have to be bad.  Let me know how
you want to be credited..
Another from Simon:

Spanko's come you one and all
And harken to your Auntie's call!
Or else your manners are forgotten
And you deserve a well smacked

From David F.:

Good one my dear,
boys with a glowing red rear.
Draped over Aunties comfy lap,
wriggling with each slap!
From Mark
A day arrives soon to be merry
Christmas can often leave us
When it seems the days are
hectic and hairy
Think of a bottom all shaded in

Now Auntie not down the
chimney she comes
Christmas is finally here she
Flying through the air
With nary a care
To blister all naughty boys'
The naughty ones were all huddled
Safe in their room
Were the paddles and brushes
Awaiting their naughty boy's doom

These implements of correction
All were hung up with care
Knowing that at some point
Auntie would soon be there

To use them effectively
Not with joy or glee
But in the hopes of making
Us boys less naughty

The night move on brightly
The moon with its glow
Who knew when spritely
St. Nicholas and Auntie would show?

I peered through the window
Apprehensive and guilty
Then spied a red sleigh
Cruising toward me merrily

The figure in the suit
in her own secret code
Looked at me with a hoot
And entered my abode

Seeing me standing alone in the room
She grabbed my arm stating
"See I ride no broom."

"Now get over here, young man!"
The words piercing her lips
She grabbed the pants and underwear
Yanking them down over my hips

A bare bottom spanking over the
caretaker's knee
And who better to do it, than good ol'
Auntie Rhi
I was shaking as I knew
I was in for a tear
But felt so lucky, as Auntie's such a dear

She started out slowly
Knowing all as she does
Then when she knew I was ready
Said "Now the hairbrush, just cuz!"

As she spanked my bare bottom
With all its glow and pain
I knew in an instant
How much I stood to gain

Lots of anger and feelings
All the tools used to cope
In daily life functions
Began to emote

Through tears and the crying
I finally began to realize
That the spanking helps me
Hold myself down to size

While lying there sobbing
Thinking perhaps Auntie ready to quit
But she knew to keep going
Because her naughty boy had acted like a
little shit

She finally stopped her reign
And with a firm caring tone
Said "Don't forget the pain,
And that you'll never be alone."

Secure in the world
Lying there with the tears
Of all those bad feelings
Finally abating after all those years

After some moments of healing
Auntie began to pack it up
Her paddles and brushes
And of course, her coffee cup

As she went up the chimney
I heard her exclaim
"Many more naughty boys await me
They need me to proclaim!"

"Whatever the reason
Whether for fun or healing
I'll always there for you
Hard spankings I'll be dealing"

And I heard he shout out
As her sleigh flew through its gears
"You naughty boys will take a while
To sit on your blistered rears!"

"Merry Christmas to all!"
She yelled from the flank
"Keep being naughty
And next year I'll return to spank!"
Recently we did a role with a client in which it
was a brother and sister and he got spanked in
front of her.  His "sister" was working on her
homework, which was to wrote a poem for her
English class at school...This is what she wrote!!

Ode to a Wooden Spoon
My brother sassed and got the spoon,
And now he gets to stand and moon.
His butt looks like a red, red rose.
Bet he feels it to his toes.

It didn't take him long to squirm,
As Mama's smacks began to burn.
She kept it up for a long, long time.
It didn't matter how he whined.

A wooden spoon for naughty boys,
Makes a most distinctive noise
As it goes "splat" on snow white cheeks.
Now they won't be white for weeks.

He has to stand with his butt stuck out
Little red circles of fire, no doubt
Bet he really wants to rub it,
I get to watch-- and I just love it!

Cheeks turning red.
With a scarlet hue
Her scolding is firm
And deepens the hue.