The compensation for a normal session with Auntie Rhi is $200.  There will be a
deposit of $50, paid in advance, to hold your time, for first time clients. The balance
may be paid in cash when you come to your session. I won’t rush, so your session
will end when it ends, and it really depends on what your bottom will tolerate, but
expect to be here for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I don't set a timer, I won't chase you out, and, I
promise, that you will not leave feeling neglected.  

If having your temperature taken, in a very maternal way, prior to or during the
spanking, will add to the experience for you, add $25.

If having a witness, female or male, would intensify your session, it would be an
additional $50.

If you wanted another person involved in the role play to spank you, in addition to
the spanking I give you, it would add $75 to the standard session fee, with a $100

If your ideal role-play would include another person to be spanked along with you,
it will be an additional $100, with a $100 deposit. I
do not have assistants that a
client can spank.

All extra assistance is subject to availability.  This would also increase the time of
your session some.  All deposits are transferable to another date, if I am notified at
least 48 hours in advance or in the event of a real emergency. I know things happen.

There is no charge for, a couple of planning phone calls while we are arranging your
in-person session. One can be before the deposit and one after. I don't want to be a
stickler about this, and have often talked with a client much more without payment.  
On the other hand, I have had those who just want to talk and talk and talk and talk,
via email or phone, and then never schedule. There are lots of places on the web that
provide for that type of interaction. I just don't have the time.

Behavior Plans, are designed with and for you specifically, to address real issues in
your life. They are contingent and dependent on regular in-person sessions or, in
some cases, online sessions. This includes working with you to set up reasonable,
measurable, and obtainable goals, rules for behavior, as well as specific
consequences for failing to meet goals or breaking rules, and rewards for positive
progress.  It will be designed to modify your unwanted behaviors and/or attitudes.
You and I will be in contact once a week by e-mail, instant message, or phone, to go
over how you are doing with your plan, what we might need to do immediately and
what you will deserve at your next visit.  The charge for this service is $300 for a 6
month period. Also, as a Behavior Plan client, after the initial session, future
sessions within that 6 month period are discounted to $150/session,  as many
sessions as you need to come within that 6 month period. Once a month is about the
minimum I’d recommend, but I have clients that see me
every other week or even
once a week, depending on their needs.

If you are unable to visit in person, the behavior plan set up and worksheet is the
same, however, we will do a 30 minute phone call or online visit once a week to go
over your progress or lack there of  and can use self spanking, mouth soaping, corner
time or  uncomfortable positions, line writing etc as accountability measures. This is

Phone and Phone with Cam consultation sessions:
In order to find an easier way for my online clients to reach me, I've recently signed
up with Venmo and Zelle.  I'm no longer held hostage by Pay Pal's judgement of this
mild kink. Just email me to set up a specific time.

Please note: If you don't agree with my compensation schedule, it won’t hurt my
feelings if you look elsewhere. I think you'll find it's well within the  range of
national averages. I want to be affordable, but I also need you to feel it's a valuable
service.  It’s not just about the actual time you are over my lap, there is time involved
all along the process.

I don't charge for informational and “getting to know each other” e-mails either.
However, I don't write stories. There has to be some interaction between us. I've tried
it.....I’m not good at it, don’t enjoy it and I worry that it will be disappointing for
you, so it's best not to do it.

If you are interested in multiple days or multiple sessions, we’ll work out something
beneficial for both of us.

When it's time to make a deposit, for first time in person clients,  we will discuss the

The web is a handy thing for getting information into the hands of people who are
looking for it. However, all spankings are about relationships. That is my favorite
part of spanking, overall. So if you are interested, but would like to chat with me a
bit more, feel free to e-mail me. The best, first step is to fill out the Questionnaire.
Once I've received it, I will be in touch so that we can learn more about each other
and discuss your session in detail.  I'm looking forward to working with you!!!

Take care,
Auntie Rhi

When you fill out the Questionnaire, it is VERY important that you  type in the
correct e-mail address, so I can get back to you. It's sent by the web hosting company
so does not show your e-mail.