I have a special announcement to make. One of our
group's own female spankers has decided to make a
business of her passion. Our very own Auntie Rhi is now
taking clients (both male and female) who want their
naughty bottoms spanked but can't find anyone to do it. I
can personally vouch for Auntie Rhi having been spanked
several times by her myself. It is a unique and wonderful
experience to be at the hands of someone that truly loves
what she's doing. This is not just another pro Domme who
beats your butt and sends you down the road feeling
empty and still seeking what you want and need. This is a
real Lady who wants to first establish a relationship with
you, then get to know every part of not only your
spanking needs and desires, but get to know you as a
person. She can offer every type of spanking from a fun,
first time spanking to a severe discipline type spanking,
and anything in between - all done in a caring, nurturing
atmosphere. She knows all the standard safety practices
and strictly adheres to them, so all you have to worry
about is enjoying your time with her. There are two ways
to contact her. The best way is going to her new website at
www.Your-Auntie- Rhi.com, or write her at
Auntie_Rhi@yahoo. com. Her website is up and running,
but not quite complete. There will soon be a Gallery
Section where you can see Auntie Rhi in action and the
resulting effects. Also, in “Auntie's Attic,” you will be able
to buy items related to spanking. Don't miss this
opportunity to live out your “Auntie” fantasies if you live
near the northcentral and northeastern parts of Alabama,
or are willing to travel to her area. I guarantee you will not
be disappointed.

~LF   cp4me1@yahoo.com
It's been way too long in the making, but I wanted to add my testimonial: Rhi is the perfect strict
I have needed/craved spankings -- and have gotten quite a few -- ever since high school over 40
years ago. For me, those spankings are best administered across the lap of a mature woman who
really has her heart in it. While searching for such a woman, I found Rhi's profile on Yahoo! and
sent her an IM. She IMed back, and we began a long online relationship.
When we first started, Rhi was just Rhi, not yet Auntie Rhi, and had not yet administered a
spanking. After many many hours of chatting online, we developed a very warm relationship. It
was soon apparent that Rhi was a wonderful woman and, when it came to spanking, the genuine
article. At that time, before she hung out her shingle, we entertained each other with many online
spanking role plays. Rhi was a natural loving and caring, but strict, aunt. Just what the doctor
As she became better and better at assuming the persona, she invited me to come from NY to her
farm in 'Bama so that she could finally get me across her lap instead of just pursuing our online
relationship. Unfortunately for me, that type of trip was not in the cards. After many months of
chatting about her providing spankings to we needy naughty ones, she finally made the jump. Our
chats continued, but, because there is never a shortage of naughty boys, she was then very busily
painting back porches red.
Then it finally happened. A business trip to a city near her home. Rhi traveled 2 hours to my
hotel, her bag of toys in hand. Even though we had never actually met, it was as if we were two
old friends.  
After a couple of hours and dinner, Rhi got up from her chair and walked over to the couch. Once
seated, my Auntie Rhi looked me on the eye and said that it was time that a naughty boy who had
gotten too big for his britches got taken down a peg or two, and that she was just the one to do it.  
I was way overdue for a sound spanking. Rhi then told me to take off my trousers and get myself
over Auntie's lap. She knew from our chats that I needed to feel vulnerable and helpless, so she
placed a few phone books on the floor under her right foot so that my bottom would be elevated.
I was in heaven.  Auntie Rhi had taken over.  And she knew me like no one else.  She used
everything we had chatted about to get inside my head and transform me into the naughty little
boy I so needed to be; the one who needed his loving aunt's firm hand vigorously applied to his
exposed bare bottom until every inch if it was bright red. I was nervous just like a naughty boy
about to get his long overdue comeuppance should be. Before going across her now very
experienced maternal lap, the determined look on her face, and the way she patted that perfect
lap, not to mention the constant lecture and her description of exactly what she was about to do
to my too-long unspanked bottom, complete with all of the spanking expressions that she knew
would get right to me, had me quivering with beads of perspiration on my forehead.
Once I was in position with my tushie right where she wanted it and I needed it to be, she
informed me that I would be sleeping on my tummy with a glowing hot and red backside. I
practically broke down right there with her hand caressing my bottom before even one spank had
landed. My stomach was doing cartwheels, goosebumps were popping up on my upturned
bottom, and my mind was racing with all of the stimuli. She knew that the anticipation was killing
My Auntie Rhi then told me that she hoped that I would take my spanking like a big boy, but that
if I didn't, if I struggled and gave her a hard time, she would put me on the bed with pillows under
my tummy and spend an hour taking her big paddle to my bottom. My head was spinning.
And then she began. Rhi knew I really wanted a thorough spanking with just her hand because I
considered a hand spanking the most intimate type of spanking. So this wonderful amazing
woman who had driven two hours to meet me and was looking forward to a two-hour drive home
spent the next hour applying her open palm to my backside and lecturing me throughout about all
of the things we had chatted about all those months. I doubt that she had up until then or since
then given such a long spanking with just her hand.  I squirmed and wiggled under her hand but I
stayed right where she wanted me until she was through. And she was right: I did sleep on my
tummy that night with a glowing red and hot bottom.
Rhi is a truly wonderful and caring person. And she is quite the expert when it comes to spanking
a naughty boy's bare bottom. Whatever your spanking needs are, whether, like mine, they are
across the lap hand spanking, or bent over a spanking bench for the razor strop, if you need a
loving and caring but strict aunt to spank you, Auntie Rhi is perfect for the job.

The End of the Journey              
By: Mark B.S., M.Ed

Many months and years my heart aches away
Hoping to finally find its first enlightened day
Where I might find someone to help to okay
All the stress and emotions that eventually may
Without proper release, lead us astray

One day on Google my eyes did spy
A website where my gut wrenched to try
To reach deeply inside, where my core soul does
As I read and felt further I could no longer deny
My inner feelings began rising to an incredible

Many past churnings began to arise
From the outside existence we often excise
We move day to day, letting it all stay kept
Deeply within ourselves, so that we might except
All the stress, minor issues, and other routine
Taking eventually their tolls, which make us

Ways to relieve all the daily insanity and pain
To help guide us back toward a more healthy
Redirecting, refocusing, and getting back on track
All goals for searching, on a search engine attack

‘Auntie Rhi,’ spots Google, oh what the heck
Let’s take a look, it won’t cost me my neck
Reading by lamp the inspiration on her site
Challenging inner feelings, making me feel less
All leads me to think, “Could this be finally
As I power down the computer and turn out the

More introspection and intuition into her writing
Opened the emotions, inner struggle and fighting
Pushing me to move forward, finally attacking
the past
Take a chance and contact her, it’s time enough
at last

Seeming incredibly honest
Full of integrity and trust
Two traits which for this writer
Are an absolutely essential must
Today - 8/10/14, I had the opportunity to meet with Auntie Rhi
for a spanking session (role play).  We started out by chatting
getting to know each other.  I then was allowed to pick out the
paddle.  Then we went back to where we were sitting and I told
her my story, she told me it was warranted for a spanking with the
paddle.  First, because I had some stain on my underwear, Auntie
Rhi taught me a lesson to always have on clean underwear.  I lost
count after 20 hits with hand on my bare bottom,  I felt my bottom
warming up, felt like a rug burn.  Then after some corner time, I
was lead into the living room where I assumed the position and
was told to count each hit.  My bottom felt like it was on fire by
hit 8.  That was where Auntie Rhi almost started over because I
didn't say the number in enough time.  I am glad she didn't.  After
I got to 15, I thought she was done, but she hit me 5 more time
fast and hard.  I ended up with tears in my eyes and was  told to
stand in the corner.

We then chatted some more,  until it was time for the Belt Scene.

Because I went swimming by my self and no one was around.  It
caused a safety issue.  I received 10 hits with the belt with my
swim suit on and 20 with my swim suit off.  My bottom was
begging for the session to be over, I kept it going.  During this
session, Auntie Rhi used my belt.  Then she took her belt and hit
me three time hard..  Her belt hurts.

Overall, if you are in need of a spanking, caution, if you book with
Auntie Rhi, she will spank you and your bottom will be sore.  So if
you are not into this, you may want to go elsewhere.  She will also
follow your role play to the tee.  Which is what she did with me

Thank you Auntie Rhi for a good spanking.

SCC - Orlando

The floodgates burst open, now what have I done?
I need a hard spanking, I have nowhere left to run
To help me cleanse, vent, trust and heal
Through only intense feelings does one truly feel

New parts of my spirit awaken inside
The need to connect and release; it’s time for a ride
To schedule with Auntie Rhi and to chance on my
For a tear-inducing spanking on my virgin backside

To discover and reveal feelings buried deep within
my soul
And doing a little grammar review, for her Auntie’
s portal
It’s been tough to process, all this new insight and
But necessary and needed, a battle needing to be
Ambivalence galore takes over my brain
I really need the release, but also the pain
Over Auntie’s lamp I eventually hope to be
Sobbing tears of catharsis as she mightily spanks
How much weight that will lift off the daily grind
Being allowed to feel a complete and total unwind

Feeling scared and relieved, all at the same time
I can’t wait for the hairbrush, applied to my bare
The cleansing that comes with a hard spanking will
The single most emotional event on the journey to

Lying there crying after Auntie’s spanking is
Will release so much energy I won’t know what to
Feeling so much relief and renewal no doubt
Reminding me of what life’s really all about

Wrapping up this prose is well, sort of tough
My insides are in turmoil, tumbling, and rough
My energies rejuvenated, feeling so free
So I need to give a big hug and “thank you” to my
favorite Auntie
Rules being set and backed up with a spanking if they were
not adhered to, sets precedence for my current opinion.
Background aside, it has provided a reciprocal action for
unwanted behavioral issues, and a very powerful one at that.

I came to you with a terrible habit that I simply had to fix,
and perhaps others as well. In no time at all it was pants down
behavior modification.

Thanks in no small part your scolding and to the paddle so
expertly wielded, promises to never do it again flowed
repeatedly through the tears in less than two minutes.  Once it
was over it texting was truly over for me.  

Thanks again Auntie, you may very well be a lifesaver.
Finding someone who understands your needs and keeps
such things to herself is invaluable. Thankfully, Auntie
Rhi is that person.

In the old days things were strict, if you got into trouble
you were punished.  Normally for good reason we sitting
gently for a while.  All in the name of justice and, as we
were reminded, for our own good.  With this solidly
embedded in mind over the years my problem seemed to
stem, not from the ones I got, but the ones that I didn’t.

While some might go on all through life with guilt about
something they may have done years ago – I do not.   
Auntie Rhi will help you pay for those transgressions,
granted much later in life but most assuredly the debt
will be paid. Once over, you walk away with a squeaky
clean conscience, and yes once again a very sore behind.

I have a bucket list from the past.  Once each is dealt
with it is off my shoulders, and the load get lighter each

She takes complete control and I always feel like a naughty, chastised boy. Her scolding
never fails to take me down several notches.

Being over Auntie Rhi's lap for a bare bottomed spanking is one of the great pleasures in my
life. While it is occurring, however, I sometimes wonder what I've gotten myself into because
she can really deliver the goods! I've been spanked with her hand, strap, wooden spoon, and
hair brush (I hear she has many more implements as well). While over her lap, I've been in
such discomfort that I find myself moaning and kicking involuntarily. When all is done, my
poor bottom is stinging and extremely red. I have requested no marking and amazingly I have
not marked either time.

Hugs, pictures, and more chatting end the session with me extremely satisfied. I have such
fond memories of our time together.

I highly recommend Auntie Rhi!

Auntie Rhi
It was very nice to see you again after so long a time.   It really did not seem as if we had ever left

As always, you are a very warm and kind person and have a cozy home.  I always feel very safe
and calm there.

You allowed me to indulge in some fantasy play and really administered a perfect spanking.  It
was not too hard or light; "amped it up" at the right​ times; just the right length; and applied lotion
after the spanking.

As always, the conversation was great.
Thank you