She was expecting my arrival.  For weeks we had corresponded by e-mail.  
She was going to deal with me in her particular area of expertise, namely
punishing naughty young men for habitual, unapproved and unsupervised
self gratification.

She is a stately, mature lady with many years experience in dealing with
lewd recalcitrants like me.  She is tall, robust and busty.  Here style is much
more domestic rather than dominatrix as she preferred to wear a white
blouse, dark skirt, seamed nylon stockings and leather shoes with
conservative two-inch heels,

During the course of our correspondence, it became clear to me that she
understood exactly what my problem was and she knew precisely how to
deal with it.  I was to report to her residence at a pre-determined time and
date.  She would take care of everything else!

My apprehension continued to grow as I counted down the days until our
rendezvous.  When the day finally arrived my trepidation had reached a
fever pitch!  My heart was pounding and my stomach was queasy as I
arrived at her abode and rang the doorbell.

After several minutes, she answered the door.  I gasped when I saw her.  
She wore her blonde hair in a bun.  Round, wire-rimmed eyeglasses adorned
her already pretty face.  She wore a white, high-collared see-through blouse
with long sleeves.  Beneath her blouse, I could see her black bra.  She also
wore a knee-lengthed black skirt and dark nylon stockings.  On her feet were
black, leather shoes with perhaps three inch heels.

"Well hello William," she greeted me pleasantly,  come in."  She motioned
me across the threshold into what appeared to be a living room and invited
me to sit on the sofa.  When I sat, she pulled up a cushioned chair sat facing
me about five feet away.  She crossed her legs, hiking up her skirt thus
revealing her shapely thighs and the black seam on the back of her
stockings.  I felt a stirring in my loins as she began to question me!

"Well William," she began.  "I am happy that you are punctual, but I am
quite disappointed at your unwillingness to control your primal urges."  She
continued, saying, "and the reason for your visit today is to be disciplined
for that unapproved, unsupervised habit, isn't that correct?"  I swallowed
hard and agreed with a meek, "yeess Ma'am."

"Alright," she continued, "Now tell me William, the amount and nature of
your masturbatory activities.  In other words, how often and what do you
think about when you are performing the vile deed?"  My blood ran cold as
she asked the question and my aroused member strained painfully against
the confines of my underpants and trousers.  I paused, taking a deep breath
and tried to give a satisfactory answer.

"Well, Ma'am," I began, "Usually about three to five times a week and
recently I have been fantasizing about you punishing me."  "Hmmm, could
you be more specific, William," she asked.  "How do you fantasize that I
punish you for masturbating, young man?"  Again, taking a deep breath, I
responded.  "Well Ma'am, first I imagine that you strip me naked..."  
"STOP," she interrupted.  " I have heard quite enough.  Are you aroused
now?"  I responded to the affirmative and she said.  "Oh you will be stripped
of your clothing young man and quite seriously punished but on my terms, is
that understood?"  "Yesss Ma'am," I replied.

"Very well," she concluded, "follow me into the discipline suite."  She then
stood up and began walking down the hallway.  Like a puppy dog, I
followed her, my eyes fixated on her shapely hips and muscular, nylon
sheathed calves.  The clicking of her heels on the hardwood floor pounding
relentlessly in my head.

We soon arrived at a room at the end of the hall and my Governess
unlocked and opened the door, reached inside and turned on a light in the
room.  "Sit at the desk and await my return," she directed, pointing to a
school type desk with an attached modular top which was positioned in the
center of the room. When I sat down, she left the room,closing and locking
the door from the outside.

My stomach was queasy but I was terribly excited as I began to look around
the room.  I first noticed a chalkboard standing on an easel beside a bigger
desk. Written in big, bold letters across the top was my name, William.  
Beneath my name was written; Infraction = masturbation. Below that was;
To be severely punished. Nervously, I continued to survey the room.  On
the Mahogany desk were a couple of rattan canes, a couple of straps and a
Scottish tawse.  A cushioned leather chair sat behind the desk.  The walls on
all sides were mirrored, obviously so I could view my own discipline that
was about to be meted out by my instructress.

My trepidation was now at a fever pitch.  It was finally starting to sink in,
just what was in store for me.  Her psychological ploy of me wait for her
return had caused me to be a nervous wreck.  This is precisely what she was
trying to achieve.

Several more minutes passed until I finally heard the clicking of her heels
growing ever louder as she approached the door.  The key was inserted and
the door opened.  I was now about to face my fantasy!  She moved behind
the mahogany desk and sat in the chair, pulling it up toward the desk.  Then,
looking at me above her glasses, she said, "William, you know why you are
here don't you!"  "Yyyess, Ma'am," I replied.  "Why," she queried.  
"Uh.....ummm...for unapproved, unsupervised masturbation, Ma'am"  "That
is quite right, William," she agreed.  "Now remove your shoes and socks and
place them over there by the door."  Quickly, I obeyed her directive  and
returned bare-footed to the desk.   "Now remove your outer shirt and
trousers and hang them on the hooks on that back wall," she said, pointing.  
As I did, she pulled her chair from behind the desk and placed it between
her desk and mine in the center of the room.  She then motioned me with
her finger for me to stand beside her and ordered, "put your hands on top of
your head."  I was humiliated by her directive, knowing full well that my
underpants were hideously "tented," revealing the full extent of my arousal.

My Governess, however, took no immediate notice of my condition.  She
did, however, grab the bottom of my tee shirt and began to roll it up tightly
toward my chest.  She had soon rolled it past my nipples until it was bundled
tightly beneath my armpits.  She then completed my humiliation by placing
her hands inside the waistband of my underpants by each hip, and in one
motion, yanked them down to my ankles!  I was now on full display, naked
from armpits to ankles.  Meanwhile, my Governess adjusted her skirt to the
tops of her stockings revealing her sturdy thighs.

I glanced in the mirror on the facing wall and was a sight to behold!  She
was seated, fully clothed with her thighs slightly revealed, I was standing
with my hands on my head, naked from armpits to ankles and lewdly
pointing at my disciplinarian!  She then guided me across her hep,
instructing me to place my hands squarely on the floor.  "You can watch as i
spank your naughty bottom," she said.  And spank me she did!  In fact, I
was surprised at her ability to spank with only her hand.  I was soon
squirming and kicking as the intensity built up.  

She, however, was relentless and continued spanking my bare bottom and
upper thighs until I was quite certain I couldn't rake any more.  It was then
she finally stopped and I had completely kicked off my underpants.  She
then pulled off my tee shirt, rendering me completely naked.  "go stand in
that corner, you naughty boy," she instructed, "and keep those nasty hands
on top of your head.  I want that red bottom of yours on display!"

I scrambled into place and stood quietly, waiting for more instructions.  My
bottom was throbbing but there was much more to come.  After several
minutes, she approached me from behind and by the shoulders spun me
around so that i was facing her.  My aroused condition and subsided
somewhat and upon that revelation my Governess said, "well we are making
some progress, but we still have a way to go!"  She then began a campaign
of verbal humiliation with a singular goal in mind; to cause to be once again
shamefully aroused in her presence.

"You are a vile, nasty, young man," she stated.  "As your instructress, I will
not tolerate self-abuse and I fully intend to break you of that disgusting
habit."  "In fact," I may have you move in here for awhile.  That way I can
keep you completely naked at all times, so I can be assured that you are not
masturbating behind my back!" "Now young man, just to be sure you have
been properly chastened, I am going to give you a proper caning!" "You told
me that you touched yourself improperly three to five times per week,
therefore, we will give three sets of five strokes both on your bare bottom
and on those masturbating hands!"

Governess then fulfilled her promise, leaving me striped and quite sore.  
Unfortunately for me I rained highly aroused requiring her to utilize a
smaller cane on the offending member.  Would I learn my lesson, or would I
continue my vile and lewd behavior?  My Governess will most certainly
decide that question!