Therapeutic Spanking and/or Disciplinary. I also offer  Life
and a specific Behavior Plan service. I love working with
, and do Online Consultation/Direction for specific situations.

I need to restate: I do not engage in BDSM activities with clients. My
clothes always stay on.
This is not a sexual service, and any request
for such will end the session immediately and I will ask you to leave.

With that caveat in mind, if you have a need, desire, or idea about
something specific, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to discuss it
and if it is not something I do, I will certainly let you know. I'm not
judgmental until I actually have you over my lap and the paddle in my
hand. Then, I become judge, jury and...Disciplinarian. I promise you
won't leave feeling neglected....


Working one-on-one is a wonderful way to address your specific
needs.  I will get to know you very well; not only your specific needs
and desires, but also your beginning tolerances, how you react at
different stages, and what really works best for you. You may be
surprised at what you learn about yourself as well.  Establishing a sense
of trust is very important. Please know that we will discuss all sessions
in detail beforehand, but once we get started, Your Auntie Rhi knows
best. Then, all negotiating is finished and I will be immune to pleading
and wailing. It's for your own good, after all, and we all know it will
hurt me more than it does you!

Simply spanking sessions are ideal for clients who have never
experienced spanking as an adult, or just simply like to be spanked
without a role play scenario. Of course, the methods, implements and
intensity will be tailored to your tolerances, which we will be learning
together during your first visit. I am very good at watching body
language, as well as the condition of the skin to judge how we are
progressing, but I also employ the, tried and true, traffic light safe word
method: “Yellow" means you are getting close to your limit, and I'll
know to slow down a bit, or lighten up a little. “Red” means stop full
stop.... I will respect your boundaries and much prefer that you use
"yellow" rather than wait till you can not take any more.. If you ask me
to push them some more, I'll still be watching for your sincere limits. I
do not have a personal agenda when it comes to "how much you can
take." That is a very individual thing and you can't compare yourself to
another person. If you've noticed some rather severe looking bottoms in
the Moons Over Alabama Gallery, remember that it is what they
requested and needed.

Role Play covers a variety of domestic and other possibilities. Just to
reiterate, all references to “boy/girl,” “child,” or any reference that
might be thought of as a "non-adult" is purely a term of endearment, as
all clients will be 18 or over. Some times clients want to recreate and
relive an experience they have had, others wish to live out an
experience they wish they'd had. Various roles might be
Auntie/nephew-niece, Governess/ward, Babysitter/child, Mommy/son,
Wife/husband, Girlfriend/boyfriend, Teacher/student, Boss/employee,
Nurse-Doctor/patient, or
maybe you deserve a court ordered spanking
for some infraction.
The intensity of these sessions can be moderate to
severe, but again, every individual is unique.  What is mild for you
might be severe for the next person, so we’ll make sure to determine
your needed intensity. To stay in role, I generally ask: "So, have you
learned your lesson???" Any tentative answer, such as anything but a
solid " Yes ma'am." gives me the indication that you can take and need
a bit more. I'll still be watching your body language and the condition
of your bottom.  Let me know the journey your imagination might take

Therapeutic Spanking is designed to allow for the “warm glow,"
release of tensions, or even the catharsis that a spanking can bring. The
actual pain is not usually the primary focus, though again, the intensity
will be specific to the needs of the individual. Some people need the
pain to bring up the endorphins to reach the state of consciousness they
are looking for. Rhythmic breathing and biofeedback techniques are
employed to assist with the transition. Generally, I put on some music
or relaxing sounds during the session, as well as use specific scents to
induce relaxation and attain the desired “space.” Aftercare is more
involved, as it’s important for the client to be guided back from the

Disciplinary Spanking can be indicated in a situation where a client
has done something that they do or maybe just should feel bad about.  
Taken to task for bad behavior can be good for both accountability and
motivation. Again we will set up specifics before hand, but once we're
in the session, you are going to get your bottom tanned. Some
scenarios have been: having stolen a bike when the client was a child;
texting while driving; driving under the influence; smoking too much;
drinking too much; talking hatefully to wife, husband, co-workers,or
family members; failing to meet a deadline, and on and on.

Life Coaching and Disciplinary Spankings. Some people need a bit
of real motivation and accountability for real life issues. A custom
disciplinary program will be designed both with you, and for you, to
address real issues in your life. This includes working with you to set
up reasonable, measurable, and obtainable goals, rules and/or schedules
for behavior; as well as specific consequences for failing to meet goals
or breaking rules, along with rewards for positive progress.  You will
report to me at least once weekly by email, phone, text, or whatever
method we agree on. At that time we will discuss how you are doing
with your plan, any immediate consequences that are needed and what
you will expect at your next visit.  Some areas that a behavior plan can
address are weight loss; chronic lateness; keeping their house clean;
meeting deadlines at work or on home projects. Generally we set up 3-
4 goals. If the goal is far reaching it might need to be broken up into
measurable and obtainable pieces. It's important that there are steps that
allow us to see progress, so you will be motivated by that success as
well.  I'll be your cheerleader, as well as your disciplinarian. I want you
to succeed...

Behavior Plan is good for 6 months, and works in conjunction with
regular in-person visits or, in some cases, I have used online sessions
when the distance was insurmountable. The plan also provides for a
specific reduction in the session rate during that 6 month period.

Couples. I love working with couples! If you have a specific situation
you don't see outlined here, by all means drop me a note and let's
discuss it. Chances are that we can figure out a way to develop
something to meet your specific needs. Here are some instances in
which couples have come to me.

A person who wants to learn to spank his/her spouse, and needs some
real-time hands-on instruction and experience.

A spouse who isn't comfortable inflicting the actual punishment, but is
supportive and/or even desirous of her husband receiving the
punishment for behavior she finds intolerable (In the specific case, the
wife keeps track of goals missed or rules broken and sends a note with
the boy, when he comes to visit, pinned to his shirt. She also inspects
my return note, his bottom and then discusses his spanking when he
returns home.

A spouse who wants and needs domestic discipline (spankee) may have
a difficult time communicating the intricacies of performing that
discipline to his/her partner (Spanker), even if the partner is willing to
try. Having an experienced Auntie to help explain, give a
demonstration, instruction and hands-on direction can assist with the
learning curve. This can make the Spanker feel more confident, and in
turn, the spankee to have more confidence in the Spanker. This also
allows the spankee to stay in a non-directive role. That helps keep the
spanking roles consistent.

A couple might have a role play that they would really both want to
participate in or that would need a strict Auntie to set the tone.

Online/Phone Consultations

I am also available for instant message, email, and/or phone
consultations, either on their own merit or to augment your regular
visits. When we begin to communicate, we will go over specifically
what your needs are, and discuss the possibilities more in detail. I do
NOT, however, write stories. I don't enjoy it, I'm not good at it; and
therefore it stresses me out.  NO ONE wants a stressed Auntie, and I
don't want you to be disappointed. Any email role play will be
interactive on your part. DO NOT send me money before we both
understand and agree on the format we're going to follow.

If you understand what services are offered and are interested in more
information,  click on the Compensation button, to the left.