Reporting for Discipline
y W.W

William reports to a Woman of
Authority with whom he has shared his
deepest fantasies online.  She knows
precisely how to cure him of his nasty
Mr. Nasty
by Mr. Nasty

Making a mess in his wife's kitchen gets
him a lesson he won't soon forget.
Growing up my favorite aunt was Auntie Rhi. She was
always the most fun to be around and as I grew I came to
trust her with a lot of confidential things. So a little while
ago when I was stuck in a rut, I choose to go talk to her. I
was feeling anxious and nervous and depressed among
other bad feelings. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It
seemed I had no focus and my mind spun in circles. I
would even get panic attacks sometimes. I knew Auntie
would help.
Aunitie Rhi
~by Cobaltjones89